Olympic Medalist’s Home for Sale

Photos courtesy of Zillow.

In honor of the Winter Olympics, we’re going to highlight the home of two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Michelle Kwan which is for sale in Newport, Rhode Island for almost $4.4 million. It was built in 1900 and Michelle and her husband Clay Pell purchased it in 2014 for $1.5 million and have since completed a major renovation.

It is in an historic district just off of Ocean Drive, sits on almost 2 acres, includes a formal garden and a large chef’s kitchen designed for entertaining. The home has two Master suites, each with private balcony and en-suite, for a total of 4 bedrooms on the second floor.

In 2017 it was announced that the couple had filed for divorce and the home sale is part of the divorce filings. As it often is, a home that is bought together is sold and the proceeds divided. If the couple can’t agree on a REALTOR®, the court will appoint one.


*** Cara Czarnecki is a Maricopa County Real Estate Special Commissioner which is a court-approved agent to work with Lawyers in court-appointed real estate sales in Arizona.***



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