Eight Phoenix Metro Cities Make the List of 2018’s Top Places to Find a Job

WalletHub recently wrote an article about 2018’s top places to find a job. Out of 182 cities mentioned, eight Phoenix Metropolitan cities made the list. Chandler and Scottsdale ranked number one and number two respectively, ranking higher than San Francisco.

Top Ranking Cities

In order to determine the best job markets in the country, WalletHub compared 182 cities – 150 of the most populated cities, and at least two of the most populated cities in each state. They looked at the job market and socio-economics of those cities. The socio-economic factors most heavily influence a job seeker’s decision when it comes to relocating for employment.

Of the other categories mentioned, Chandler and Peoria tied for highest employment growth, with Gilbert a close second.

For the highest median annual income category, Gilbert and Scottsdale ranked number two and number five respectively.

Phoenix has been a great place to relocate for many years. While once seen as a retirement state, we are catching up with our technology companies and start-ups. Large companies like IBM, Intel, American Express, Amazon, Infosys, and several Universities are major employers of these cities, but our start-up community is supportive and tech companies are finding headquarter-friendly cites throughout Arizona.

The taxes are fairly low, the real estate – both residential and commercial – is very reasonably priced, the weather is conducive to year-round productivity, and Phoenix has an International Airport that makes travel for business convenient and easy. For those reasons, the Metropolitan Phoenix area is a great place to relocate for work.


If you or someone you know are relocating to Phoenix or the surrounding areas, contact me and I can help you with your housing needs.

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