Why December is a Great Month for Buying and Selling a House

Most real estate agents I know decide they are going to take vacation between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. I hear that mindset over and over and over. They talk about how they work hard the rest of the year so they can take the holidays off and spend time with their families. Let me tell you why I don’t follow that crowd.

As a REALTOR®, I work for my clients. I am hired by them to get results, and I’m good at it. All that being said, while I would like to sit around and sip wine and watch Christmas movies on the Lifetime channel, I also know that December is a great month to buy and sell a home, and here are some reasons why.

  • Generally speaking, people are in good moods during the holidays. They are celebrating, opening presents, reflecting on the year, and enjoying family and friends. Those good moods make for more pleasant responses to requests for inconvenient showing times or last-minute showings.
  • During the holidays, homes are usually clean, decorated, and visually welcoming. An important part of listing a home is presenting it in a visually appealing way, which often requires some sort of staging. In December, that just comes naturally to some people. Staging is all about creating an emotional response when entering a home. It’s all psychological. What’s more welcoming than the smell of cookies and seeing a decorated tree, or a decorated gingerbread house on the kitchen table?
  • People are more inclined to be generous during the holidays. Most people are in the “giving” mindset, which makes for easier negotiations when it comes to negotiating price and terms of a sale, and negotiating repairs after the home inspection. Both sides of the transaction are more likely to compromise which makes it a win-win for all parties.
  • As for competition, few buyers are out looking at homes during Christmas time, so those who are have low probability of multiple offer scenarios. Sellers who list in December are serious about selling and buyers who are looking are serious about buying. If buyers are giving up their Saturday at the mall Christmas shopping to look at houses, they are ready to make an offer when they find something they like.

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, please reach out to Cara to help you plan and implement a strategy for your home sale or purchase in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

If you are currently working with a REALTOR® this is not meant to be a solicitation.

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