The Amityville Horror Home Sells

In the spirit of Halloween, here is some information about The Amityville Horror house that might interest you.

In February of 2017, the house that was the basis for the best-selling book and subsequent movies, and the location of a mass murder in 1974, sold for $605,000 – over $200,000 below list price. This home is the location in which a man shot his parents and four siblings while they were sleeping. During the trial his lawyers said the “voices in the house” made him do it. All of those details of the haunting were made up for the book, and there have been four (now five) owners since then and none of them have reported any strange happenings at the house.

This is a five bedroom, three and a half bath, 3600 square foot home that is on a piece of land just over a quarter of an acre in size and has the infamous boat house and boat slip. According to real estate records the 1927 Dutch Colonial home was listed in June of 2016 for $850,000 and sold in February of 2017 for $605,000 after being on the market for 165 days. It was last bought in 2010 for $950,000. That’s quite a value change over the years, and the new owners got a great home in a great location for a bargain. Aside from being famous (which may not be a benefit), the house is on the Amityville River in a sleepy village first settled by Europeans in the 1600s.

While selling a famous home can help with marketing and resale perceived value, there can be challenges to living in one. The steady flow of traffic of people who want to see the house can disturb your peace and quiet. In the past, the previous owners have request an address change from the post office and have replaced the uniquely shaped windows to give it a different exterior and thus deter star-struck gawkers.

Could you live in a home that was “famous”?


Photo credit: Coldwell Banker Harbor Light and Johnny Chandler

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