Is Your Neighborhood Safe?

As a Realtor I am often asked about the safety of certain areas around Phoenix. Whether you are a young person graduating from ASU and venturing out on your own for the first time, or you are a single woman or a single parent, your safety as well as the safety of your family is of great importance to you.

Here are some tips I usually give those looking to rent or move into certain areas. Drive through the neighborhood during the day, and again at night. Look at the patios and front porches to see how people care for their personal space. Also look at the cars around the area and see if they are well cared for. See how well lit the area is, how close it is to the schools or main streets. If you see a neighbor outside, ask them how they like the neighborhood. If you are renting, search online and see if there are any reviews of the complex, or if you are buying, ask the neighbors about the neighborhood or the specific home you are thinking of buying. Neighbors will usually gladly give you information. Also, check out police reports of that area. A good website for this is It will show you the police reports in the area, what type of reports they are, and if there are registered sex offenders nearby. Here are a few links to some interesting articles regarding safety and Phoenix areas. The general consensus is that the West Side is less safe than the East Side of the Valley, but that is a very general statement. Read about the Most Violent Phoenix Neighborhoods, and find out if Phoenix is Safe or Dangerous.

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